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Daniel Kish – Teaching the Blind to See

Daniel Kish lost his eyes when he was one year old, but that hasn’t stopped him from hiking, biking, and navigating the world as competently as any sighted person. Today, he teaches others to do the same.


Before you watch Johnny’s interview with Daniel Kish, here’s what you should know about Daniel…

We deal a lot with the impossible on this website, but Daniel Kish has done something that most people would say is truly, literally, impossible. Completely blind from the age of one (and that’s with zero residual sight; he lost both of his eyes), Daniel has taught himself to see. And now he’s teaching other blind and visually impaired people to do the same.

Daniel’s company World Access For the Blind teaches the use of what’s called “Flash Sonar.” The user emits vocalizations, and those vocalizations strike objects in the world and bounce back. Through careful study, students learn to interpret the changes in the echoes and can find the object around them, tell their shapes, and navigate around them. Read More

Jon Morrow – Entrepreneur


Before you watch Johnny’s interview with Jon, here’s what you should know about Jon…

By most standards, going to work at the office — which also doubles as your residential 8th floor balcony overlooking the ocean in coastal Mexico — is pretty badass.  But what makes it even more remarkable is knowing how Jon Morrow arrived there in the first place.

Jon was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a degenerative neuromuscular disease that progressively weakens the body to the point of complete atrophy, and eventual death.  For most families, it would be an excuse to throw in the towel and give in before ever giving life a shot.  Not for the Morrows.

“I was really lucky to have two incredible parents,” Jon says.  “It’s one of the reasons why I’ve survived this disease.  But it’s also one of the reasons I’m able to do these things.”

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