Amy Quincy – Writer


Before you watch Johnny’s interview with Amy, here’s what you should know about her:

When Amy Quincy graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Creative Writing, she did what many with writing degrees do: she found an unrelated job to pay the bills and wrote whenever she could during her off-hours.

But a stroke and cerebral hemorrhage in 2006 unfortunately left her with limited mobility, yet allowed her the opportunity to focus on her writing full-time.  Today she’s working on her memoir.

“Perhaps me, and most people with a disability, [the desire] is to have a purpose and a passion,” she says.  “[It’s] something to look forward to, you know – a goal.  I think it gives you hope.  And I definitely think for me writing’s been that.”

Today Amy continues to live in Florida and follow her passion.  And although she admits having always wanted to be a writer, she does offer sage advice for anyone who may face a tragedy such as hers; especially if one finds one’s life turning out differently than expected.

“If you can’t do what your dream is, then you need a new dream,” she says.

Below is the video of Johnny interviewing Amy.

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  1. Way to go Amy! A very inspirational story! Thank you for being willing to share your story with all of us!

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