Get Your Badge

Are you a badass?

Anyone can be a badass, as long as you don’t let your own stupid, lame excuses stop you from being awesome. Read the definition at the top right. Does that describe you?

If you it does — if you are, indeed, a badass — then you shouldgrab this swanky badge and tell the world. Put it on your website. Be awesome. And help us spread the word.

Here’s how:

Option #1: Download the badge graphic and link it to us.
You can get the graphic here (right-click or control-click to download), and please be sure to link the image to

Option #2: Do it the easy way.
If you have a WordPress blog or any other site that allows you to drop code onto a page easily, just put the following wherever you’d like (we’d suggest a sidebar).

<a href=""><img src="" alt="The Badass Project" /></a>

THEN, tell your Twitter followers or Facebook friends!

Here are two sample tweets or Facebook status to post. Both are guaranteed to get you a few WTFs. (Admiring WTFs) :

I just joined the Badass Army!


I’m a badass.


Now get out there and spread the word!