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At the risk of repeating what I wrote on the “Donate” page, this site is a labor of love. Everyone involved is doing so for absolutely no personal compensation, and is simply donating their time and money because they believe in the project.

When you have an endeavor like that, lacking big money and big guns, you need foot soldiers to make up the difference. If you have people willing to band together and help, you can move worlds together. That’s where you come in.

From time to time, we need help finding someone to help us with something for free or at a nice discount. Sometimes it’s a specific skill set like video editing or photography or website coding, and sometimes it’s an important but less glamorous task — the internet equivalent of stuffing envelopes or ringing doorbells.

When we need this help, we call on our Army.

If you believe in The Badass Project and want to help, there are two big ways to do so. One is to make a donation to get us rolling (man, is THAT needed right now; check out what I wrote here), and the other way is to do what you’re doing now… to sign up to join our “Badass Army.”

And you can do that by entering your email address in the form below.

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