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Before you watch Johnny’s interview with Josh, here’s what you should know about Josh…

Comedian Josh Blue had already made a name for himself on the college circuit before landing a weekly spot on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” in 2006.  His quick wit and self-deprecating humor, especially in reference to his living with Cerebral Palsy, helped endear Josh to judges and fans alike, winning the competition and giving him his biggest break to-date.  Today, he continues to tour and perform, and recently aired a new television special on Comedy Central.  Josh says the journey is about enjoying every day to its fullest.

“I love living life and I love embracing new experiences,” he says.  “I just have a thirst – I wake up in the morning and I want to do something.  It’s not because I want to inspire somebody, it’s just because I fucking want to. . . .  If I don’t ever achieve something it’s not because of my disability, it’s just because I’m being lazy.  That’s it.”

While a career in comedy for someone living with Cerebral Palsy may seem like a strange choice to some, Josh says there was little doubt of what he wanted to do and how he’d achieve it.  His determination and audacity guided him from an early age, he says, helping him overcome his physical limitations and proving to others around him that he could do anything he set his mind to.

“I was going through a program called ‘Vocational Rehab,’” he says.  “It’s a government program that funnels disabled people into becoming viable members of society – people who work.  And I came to them with the idea of me being a comedian and the lady was basically like, ‘Why don’t you go after something more realistic.’  I was like, ‘What, fucking flipping burgers?’  It was that kind of thing that made me want to do it even more, just to prove to that person that, I have a disability, yes, but it doesn’t mean that I’m not talented at whatever field that I want to go do.”

Now an accomplished performer, husband, and father, Josh has seen his life and career reach inspiring heights.  Not diminished by Cerebral Palsy in the least, he continues to move forward each day, making others laugh a part of his everyday life.

“Let’s face it, if I didn’t have Cerebral Palsy then I’d just be a goofy white guy,” he says with his trademark, self-deprecating humor.  “But now I’m a goofy white guy with Cerebral Palsy, and that makes all the difference.”

Below is the video of Johnny interviewing Josh.

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  1. Phil says:

    Awesome. Huge fan of Josh. We only get to see him when he’s “on” — cool to see him off-stage and hear his life-view and some of the thoughts and experiences that have shaped him.

    Great dude. Great work.

    • Jess C. says:

      I’m a huge fan, too, Phil. I’ve seen his live act twice, but this video took my appreciation to another level.

      He’s a pretty remarkable dude!

      Thanks for commenting!

    • Johnny says:

      I know, right? Love his answers re: South Park and how his buddies compared him to Jimmy. Loved this one!

  2. Gretchen says:

    Great job with the Josh Blue interview. He’s one of my favorite comics. Good luck with this great project. G

  3. Donna says:

    Thank you for being who you are, letting poeple like myself relize that it is all in the inside and not the out side. One night at work I came across a Neurology Now Magazine and of coarse it featured you on the cover I saw you perform once on the telavision and new who you are . I had read the article and it made me feel right away more confident .I am 45 years old I have lived with a car accident that left me with a lazzy eye and some moble problems .I probebly look difrent than others being that my left eye does not move to much . So right away I had grabed the magazine and took it home to give me more insperation . I work at a medical center the same one that had saved my life and my eye sight 36 years ago. God Bless you.

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