Ketra Oberlander – Artist


Before you watch Johnny’s interview with Ketra, here’s what you should know about her:

Ketra Oberlander always had vision problems, but eventually all of her cone (color) and most of her rod (black and white) vision failed and she became blind. To answer the questions of curious and concerned friends, she embraced art as a way to show others how she was seeing the world. What surprised her, however, was how well-received her art was. 

Finding difficulties with getting to art shows, Ketra grew determined tho help other artists with mobility problems bridge the gap between creation and distribution of their art and founded Art of Possibility Studios, an organization that licenses the art of disabled artists and allowing them to create in their own space, yet still easily reach the world.

Below is the video of Johnny interviewing Ketra.

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  1. Hey Ketra and Johnny!

    What a great interview for exposing both of your projects!

    I’m new to realizing The Badass Project exists (Thank you Men With Pens and DFW), but not totally new to some of the people featured here.

    Ketra, I’m always antennas up when hearing about folks with varying disabilities having had a sister with CP and having directed a non-profit agency that developed housing for the disabled.

    Your story is fascinating and the way that you couple the disability part with your amazing communication skills (both artsy and verbal) is such a treat. I’m not an artist or artistic in any sense of the word, but listening to you made me want to hang out with you just because you’re a badass person! Way too much fun!

    Thanks for sharing with us what you’re up to!

  2. Hi Johnny, Thank you so much for sharing this interview with such a dynamic, inspiring person!!!

    Hi Ketra, It is not easy for someone to go through a rough life challenge and turn in not only into an opportunity to become a better person or learn a new skill, but, to give of their gift back to others!!!

    The energy that glows from eyes is piercing and contagious, I just feel ready to tackle any obstacle today, thanks for the motivation!!

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