Kyle Maynard proves nothing is impossible

climb.1017 d

I could give you all sorts of details on this video, but instead I’ll just suggest that you watch it.

I talked to Kyle Maynard as one of our very first Badass Project interviews, and he’s a seriously amazing guy, but this video from ESPN’s Outside the Lines takes it to a whole new level.

Would you have the guts to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro if you didn’t have full arms and legs?

What are you saying isn’t possible?


  1. Rui Nunes says:

    This is absolutely amazing. We can do everything we plan our minds and soul to.
    But sometimes we need to be remember of that.

    Thanks for Badass Project, and thanks to Kyle Maynard for not giving up.

  2. Sometimes we need a reminder that our problems are relatively insignificant and that there are few things that are impossible. Our limited thinking just makes it seem so.

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