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Before you watch Johnny’s interview with Martyn Sibley, here’s what you should know about Martyn…

Martyn Sibley doesn’t consider himself disabled.  Although he was born with spinal muscular atrophy and uses a wheelchair, by societal standards he perhaps is in some eyes.  For him, it’s just semantics.

“I’ve had to probably come more to terms with my identity as a disabled person more recently because when I’m blogging, I’m essentially blogging about disabled issues,” he says.  “So it’s something that defines you easier for the rest of the world, but in my head and in my heart I’m not disabled.”

A product development executive at Scope, the UK’s leading disability charity, Martyn extends his advocacy beyond his day job into the blogosphere, writing about his life and passions on his own site.  By sharing and connecting via social media, Martyn is able to stimulate dialogue, wherein he’s able to “achieve social change for disabled people.”  To him, removing the stigma and barriers around disability is a driving force with the path to change very clear: reframing the way society views disability physically, attitudinally, and organizationally.

“I think in a way the answer and the solution are quite simple,” he says.  “It’s about when we build new buildings, and when we train employees on customer service, when we create policies and procedures, disabled people are considered as a very valuable customer rather than this sort of minority exception that needs to be included for social good.”

Beyond business, Martyn travels, flies airplanes, lives independently in London, and advocates on behalf of disabled persons through his work, blog, and online magazine, Disability Horizons. For him, all that he does personally and professionally is no big deal – it’s simply the way he chooses to live each day.

“I am just living my life and doing things because Martyn wants to do it, but if other people take some positive attributes away from that, then that’s probably not a bad thing,” he says.  “It’s grating less than it used to, but equally, I don’t do it to be inspiring.  I do it because I love doing crazy shit.”


Below is the video of Johnny interviewing Martyn.

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