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Before you watch Johnny’s interview with Matt Glowacki, here’s what you should know about Matt…

Although Matt Glowacki was born without legs, it doesn’t seem to slow him down very much.  By his senior year of high school, he had earned the rank of Eagle Scout – the highest rank in Scouting, served as the Governor of the State of Wisconsin’s Key Club District, and managed his own business.  Matt went on to study at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, where he played wheelchair basketball and developed and administered a community awareness program entitled, “What It Takes: Cornerstones for Success.”

Today, Matt is a “Diversity Professional,” touring the country and giving presentations to audiences of all ages about three sectors that are of particular interest to him: “able-ism,” “look-ism,” and racism.  He helps audiences understand – particularly younger ones – the dangers of the words we use in labeling others, and that we all are very similar despite what we might look like on the outside.

“A disability is really nothing more than a magnifying glass on your character, and it doesn’t matter when you acquire a physical disability because everybody – even people who walk around – have disabilities,” he says.  “We have to broaden what the definition of disability is, and a disability is a challenge somebody has.  And we are all people who overcome our challenges every single day, just in different ways.”

A busy man, Matt spends his days involved in business, diversity teaching, and competitive sports.  As an educator and a proven success in life and business, he’s able to inspire others to reach heights, accomplish goals, and be open to greater sensitivity to those around them.  Matt leads by example, and where he is today is a result of all the moments that came before.

“Everything you do, you do because of an experience that has led you to where you are today,” he says.  “I could be a UPS driver if I had legs.  I could be a rock star.  I could be a Wall Street banker – I have no idea.  I just know that the experiences I’ve had up to this point have taken me to where I am.  And I’ve enjoyed the experiences that I’ve had.”

Below is the video of Johnny interviewing Matt.

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