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About the Badass Project

The Badass Project was founded to banish limitations, ridicule self-limiting excuses, and refuse arbitrary definitions of what is and is not possible. We teach people how to overcome their own bullshit reasons for mediocrity. We show people how to have the courage to be great.

The Badass Project is not a disability project, though we do exclusively profile people with disabilities. We do this for one reason: These are people who could easily have the best, most legitimate and unquestionable “excuses” in the world for not being extraordinary… but who refuse to use them. The excuses of others look weak and foolish by comparison.

The Badasses we profile are much, much more “able” than most “able-bodied” people in the ways that matter most. We do not applaud these people for managing to live with disabilities. We do not pity them. We aspire to be like them.

“Badass” is not a disability euphemism. It is a state of mind, and anyone can achieve it if they just stop… you know.

Our missions are: 

  1. To empower people with the knowledge that almost without exception, they are living the life they choose to live. The question is: How good are those choices?
  2.  To keep self-imposed inability from becoming an epidemic-level disability.
  3.  To highlight amazing people for doing amazing things, thus dispelling a cultural bias that labels them “unable.”
  4.  To heal the mental gulf that most able-bodied people have about disability — a separation that establishes those with disabilities as “them,” while those like “us” remain safely on the other side. If non-disabled visitors to this site continue to see disabled people as fundamentally different from themselves, we’ve failed.
  5.  To eliminate as much whining, blame, and bitching and moaning from the world as possible.