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Before you watch Johnny’s interview with Sean Stephenson, here’s what you should know about Sean…

Sean Stephenson has done more in 31 years than many do in twice that amount of time.  A coach, an author, a therapist, a speaker, he’s managed to forge careers in many disciplines, following his life’s purpose of trying to “rid the world of insecurities.”  It’s a daunting task.  But nothing seems too daunting for a man who wasn’t even supposed to be here.  Born with a rare body disease called osteogenesis imperfecta, Sean’s outlook was grim from the very beginning.

“The doctors told my parents at my birth that I was going to die within the first evening,” he says.  “And my parents just didn’t accept that.  It’s not that they were in denial that I had this condition, they just were not liking the prognosis.  So they thought, ‘We’ve got nothing to lose by praying, and being there and comforting him and holding him,’ and so my family rallied behind me at that young age.  And they continued and still do to this day.”

Fully grown at 3-feet tall and confined to a wheelchair, Sean survived early years of physical setbacks before aligning proper diet, exercise, and lifestyle with a healthy mental attitude.  This self-discovery was a turning point in his life.

“I developed mentors that told me, ‘You know, there is no one like you,’” he says.  “So now you need to be your own mentor.  You need to lead yourself in these areas.  You need to blaze your own trail and let other people know who have what could be viewed as disadvantages that they have no need to feel small, that they have no need to feel like they’re not enough.  And that’s what I’ve done – I’ve really pioneered a whole lifestyle of, ‘Look, I can do this because I say I can do this,’ and anybody who tells me I can’t has insecurities they’re working through and it has nothing to do with me.”

Today Sean pays forward all the lessons he’s learned in his life about the proper way to live and in following one’s purpose in business, life, and love.  For him, it’s about creating your life the way you desire.

“To be a ‘badass,’ I don’t think it’s about stepping on anybody, I don’t think it’s about cheating anybody, I don’t think it’s about hurting anybody,” he says.  “But what I would tell somebody, that to become a badass find out who you want to be.  Don’t figure out who you are, figure out who you want to be.  Because life is not an experience of discovering yourself, it’s an experience of creating yourself.”

Below is the video of Johnny interviewing Sean.

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