The Badass Project Conference 2012


Imagine living a life with absolutely no excuses. No reasons for not being your best. No more bullshit.

The Badass Project was created to free people from their own self-limiting behaviors and beliefs by showing them people who are world-class badasses — people who have very legitimate excuses for not achieving great things… but who give those excuses the finger every single day.

The Badass Project Conference (held Jan 26-27) took our mission to the next level. We’ve invited speakers who were not only incredibly badass themselves, but who spread the gospel of badassery in the world. Change-makers. Limitation-destroyers. Fear-conquerers. Resistance-overcomers. 

Our Speakers

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Jon Morrow – The guy who started it all by proposing that he have a shirt made for himself that said “I’m a badass.” Jon is Associate Editor at and co-founder of Partnering Profits, as well as a ridiculously successful businessman who was “supposed to” die before the age of two.
Thor Holt – Born & raised on a tiny scottish island in a hippie family without running water or electricity. Thor lives, and teaches others how to live, ʻPresent & Personalʼ lives – the art of transforming your life and your experiences into a dynamic purpose, then communicating your purpose to greatest effect.
Brian Clark – Founder of Copyblogger and CEO of Copyblogger Media, a serial entrepreneur, and a recovering attorney. Brian built three successful offline businesses using online marketing techniques before moving to a completely online business model. Brain was not available during the conference but may be recording something soon.
Anissa Mayhew – Anissa owns Slightly Bent Productions, where she has been blogging about her fight to recover from two strokes and a coma, her love of coffee, and shares her reasons to keep laughing. She’s incredibly hilarious. No video due to audio problems.
Carole Brown – Carole is a published author and active Conservation Biologist. When she broke her neck, after struggling with pain for some time, she decided to go on strike from doctors and quit her medications. Since then, she’s embraced the idea of the growth mindset, the notion that you cannot let others tell you where your own progress ends. No video due to audio problems.
Tommy Walker – Tommy Walker is an Online Marketing Strategist who was once fired over a pair of pants. He is the author of perhaps the most definitive excuse-busting article ever.
Amber Rae – Amber Rae is a passion catalyst, authority challenger, and motivational muse. She imagines a world where human potential is not governed by what we’re told to be, the only fear is not giving enough, and the urge to share your gift cannot be restricted. This is the world she’s creating, one person and story at a time.
John T. Unger – John is a creative Renaissance Man who refuses to let excuses get in his way. Considered by many to be an artist’s artist, John’s journey from poverty to acclaim is nothing less than inspiring. We do not have video due to technical difficulties.
Amber Osborne – Amber Osborne, a.k.a Miss Destructo, is a blue-haired destroyer of social media boredom. She’s Co-Founder and VP of Online Brand Development at Head of Lettuce Media in Tampa, and Chief Evangelist/Director of Marketing at Social Mesh in New York City. We do not have video due to technical difficulties.
Seth Godin – Seth has written thirteen books that have been translated into more than thirty languages. He writes about the post-industrial revolution, the way ideas spread, marketing, quitting, leadership and most of all, changing everything. Some of his advice is also the reason this conference was able to happen, and to be as awesome as it is. We do not have video due to technical difficulties.
Charlie Gilkey – Charlie is a writer, coach, consultant, speaker, and program developer in his field of helping business owners kick ass and take names. He’s currently writing a book that people move beyond bootstrapping and become better small business executives.
Jonathan Fields – Founded two cutting-edge lifestyle/fitness facilities – Sedona Private Fitness and Sonic Yoga. He is also the author of Career Renegade: How to Make a Great Living Doing What You Love and the newly released Uncertainty.
Leo Babauta – Leo is a world-class experimenter, always seeking to question assumptions we make in our lives. He created Zen Habits, one of the world’s largest blogs with 200,000 subscribers. Leo also created the newsletter and the best-selling books focus, The Power of Less, and Zen To Done.
Matt Glowaki – An inspirational speaker who teaches his audiences how to redefine their perceptions, Matt also owns three businesses: MOGO Wheelchairs, a very successful wheelchair building and sales business; Glow Music, a mobile disc jockey and entertainment service; and Myriad Communications, his speaking and consulting company.
Julien Smith – Julien is a New York Times bestselling author of two books, Trust Agents and The Flinch. He is a consultant and speaker who has been involved in online communities for over 15 years. But Julien is perhaps best know for calling others (and himself) on self-limiting bullshit.
Joe Hall – Joe engages the internet with a passion and desire to bring change and new opportunities to his clients and users. He is the founder of WhosTalkin, a search tool that searches for conversations and brand mentions in social media.
Maggie Ginsberg-Schutz – Maggie is the founder of Violence UnSilenced, a website committed to giving survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child sexual abuse a voice, thus creating victors out of victims, talking about the things that most people prefer to hide.
Warren MacDonald – Warren lost both of his legs above the knee during a climbing accident. Since that time, he’s learned to climb frozen waterfalls and has reached the top of some of the world’s most daunting peaks. He speaks on change and the unpleasant truths the world doesn’t want to hear… but needs to hear.
Chris Guillebeau – writes, travels, and helps people take over the world. He hosts The Art of Non-Conformity blog and the diary of my travel adventures in 150 countries and counting.


Thanks to all our volunteers!


  1. Rosemarie says:

    non conformity will drive out when learning not to care of what people are thinking of you…let them boil in their hen’s stock, hot boliling water and just go for it !!! I am still seeking my ways out and looking for tools of changing behaviours.. explore and don’t be intimidated!
    Love ya

  2. John D says:

    is there a date and location for 2013?

  3. This is a really good cause. Finally someone I can look up to.

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