The Badass Project 2012 conference recordings are now available!


I’m very pleased to announce that after much waiting, technical tomfoolery, and general shenanigans, the recordings of the 2012 Badass Project Conference are now available!

We lost a few of the sessions due to technical issues, but most of them made it through fine.

Here’s what we lost:

  • Anissa Mayhew: Anissa’s audio connection failed during the conference, so we managed a clever hack wherein Anissa called Jess, whose audio was working fine, and Jess held her phone up to her own microphone. It worked great live, but the audio didn’t make it to the recording.
  • Carole Brown: Same deal as with Anissa.
  • John T. Unger: The recording of John’s session became unwatchably glitchy at the end, despite being okay live.
  • Amber Osborne: Same as with John.
  • Seth Godin: Same deal. But if you find that you can skip to around 2:41:00 on the actual Vokle recording and watch Seth’s session without glitches and with audio that seems in-sync and non-overlapping, leave a comment on this post because I may have a job for you….
  • Brian Clark: Brian was unable to join us live due to equipment failure, which is why Julien Smith’s preceding session is so long. He’s promised us a make-up interview though, which I’ll record and post when it’s available.

One last thing… there’s a bonus interview up there that nobody has seen yet. We really wanted to include Chris Guillebeau in the conference, but he was traveling during the live event. So I recorded a session with Chris, and you’ll find it on the conference page with the others.

We hope you got a lot out of the conference, and we hope you get a lot out of these replays!

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