Tim Wambach & Mike Berkson – Entertainers and Educators


Before you watch Johnny’s interview with Tim and Mike, here’s what you should know about them…

In 2001, Tim Wambach visited a school district office and filled out an application to be a substitute teacher.  Soon, he met Mike Berkson, an affable and charming 12-year old boy with cerebra l palsy.  What could have simply been a chance encounter or casual meeting soon turned into a meaningful and lifelong friendship.

Over the years that friendship evolved into speaking engagements together.  But it wasn’t long before they realized that there was a more entertaining and impactful way to get the message across, by telling their story in a more theatrical manner and developing a show around it.  Thus, Handicap This! was born.  Through a series of vignettes, stories, and scenes, the two men are able to get their message across through humor and storytelling.

“There’s a lot of different layers to [the show],” says Tim.  “One, I would say, is we don’t talk about disabilities, we talk about possibilities.  But we use Mike kind of like an example.  And I think it’s a story about friendship, it’s a story about breaking down barriers, it educates people about what it’s like living with a disability – ”

“And it’s also very entertaining as well,” adds Mike.

And while not preachy or self-righteous, Handicap This! does have its messages that impact audiences beyond mere entertainment – mainly we all have differences and accepting them is the key.

“I think it’s a combination [of] pointing out the differences while bringing everyone closer together,” says Mike.

“It really does bring everyone closer together,” adds Tim, “and [helps them] realize that we’re all just people and we’re trying to do the best we can with what we have.”

Below is the video of Johnny interviewing Tim and Mike.

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  1. holly timpson says:

    I’ve been disabled about 2 years and keep bumping into different obstacles. But you guys are an inspiration and help me see things in a different way, Thanks Holly

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