Tori Molnar – Teen Entrepreneur


Before you watch Johnny’s interview with Tori, here’s what you should know about her:

14-year-old Tori Molnar was raised by entrepreneurs, so as she entered high school and her friends started trying to get (and didn’t always succeed at getting) jobs, she started looking for an entrepreneurial alternative. With the help of her family, she founded her own direct marketing company, called Utoria.

As CEO and founder of Utoria, Tori was able to not only open opportunity for herself, but also for her friends who wanted to start their own venture, and for small businesses… because Utoria only sells products from small businesses, instead of white-labeling their own products.

All of this happened despite an early diagnosis of cerebral palsy. Since the age of 2 or 3, she went to physical therapy five or six days a week, sometimes twice a day. But despite being “different” growing up, she’s centered her company on empowering her “Utoria girls” and turned her determination to fighting through the red tape and hurdles she’s faced in her business.

Below is the video of Johnny interviewing Tori.

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